Income Property

Did you know that you can buy/sell income property to gain wealth?
You can come up with a down payment amount and buy a house, and rent it out so
that monthly rents can cover mortgage, taxes and insurance. The rental income will
pay the house for you in the long run in other words.  This is in excess of the natural
appreciation of the price of your house.

Picking out a house in a town that is about about to boom in population because of
new roads connecting to city centers is a good idea for house appreciation. Choosing
houses that are near schools, shopping malls, and parks as income property is vital.

If you do not have enough down payment to purchase an income property yourself,
you are in luck. At, we have a co-owner investment club
that lets you find a partner to co-invest on a mortgage for an income property together.
So what are you waiting for, make some money in income property investing!

Undermount Sinks

Undermount sinks  are sinks that are installed from the bottom of a kitchen countertop, meaning its placed below the countertop surface. The topmount sink on the other hand is dropped onto the counter from above, and has a “lipped” edge that adheres to the counter. Some people like the undermount  look because there is no interruption between countertop surface and sink.  You can also easily push off crumbs into undermount sinks without meeting a lipped edge. The disadvantage of an undermount sink is that once its installed, it cannot be removed without also taking apart the  countertop surface, sink the undermount is installed right underneath the countertop.

At, we sell  undermount sinks for kitchens and bathrooms. There are many
stainless steel models.